Electronic payment system, based on blockchain technology

The reasons for creating your own electronic payment system:

  • Elimination of high, additional fees for fiat currencies
  • Exclusion of theft and loss of personal funds
  • Capital formation is not affected by inflation
  • Storage and maintenance of ERTC coin operations

Modern electronic payment systems use outdated technologies, do not have an absolute level of security, the interfaces have a negative usability.

ERTC’s electronic payment system provides minimal, and in most cases, zero transaction fees.ERTC ERP implementation uses blockchain technology, reduces external as well as internal transaction processing costs, or eliminates them completely!

Theft and loss of funds

Fraudsters and hackers use the latest methods of stealing digital assets and money.

ERTC blockchain privacy provides secure storage and transportation of funds.

Coins ERTC serve as a means of financial calculations within the system. Each ERTC coin is unique, with its IN, respectively, the path of any coin, if necessary, can be traced.

Cross-platform and cross-device

Modern electronic financial systems have full functionality exclusively in the web version, which excludes the use of mobile devices, at a time when the share of operating personal computers against mobile devices is 27/73.

EPS ERTC comfortably and safely can be used on any device, including several at the same time.

The ability to make purchases using NFC-technology through the ERTC Smart Wallet on mobile devices — smartphones, smart trackers and smart watches.


Every ERTCoin is unique, because it is tied on ERTC’s platform to a specific meter of validated earth and it has an individual number — IN.

The emission of ERTCoin is limited.

Having a land supply, ERTCoin acquires value, mainly due to validation, which entails an increase of ERTCoin capitalization and an increase of ERTCoin emissions.

Today, the number of users of the ERTC project is growing, users accept ERTCoin as a stablecoin and a means of payment.

The rate of ERTCoin is constantly growing, which makes it a profitable means of saving financial assets.

ERTC Smart Wallet allows you to transform a currency into ERTCoin for capital formation not subject to inflation, and back into currency.

What can be purchased at ERTС?


  • Coffee on the way to the work
  • A car
  • A land plot
  • Clothes in the store
  • And etc

The possibilities of the payment system are not limited in any way with the purchase of goods, services, the geography of the participants, the geography of jurisdiction and the economy, and do not depend on geopolitical factors. The system is decentralized, all operations occur within the ERTC platform, reporting via a closed API signal to the bank for transfer from one account to another.

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