Any project and payment service must follow the trends in order to be successful and stay afloat.

Analysts identify four components that determine the development of any project: technology, speed, availability and security. It is important to note that all these indicators are included blockchain. Therefore, blockchain-based payment systems are not a whim, but a necessity.

If we talk about ERTC’s electronic payment system, we have gone even further. ERTC blockchain — private and closed, which allows you to prevent any fraud and theft.

Why is it necessary to have a blockchain for payment systems :

1.Blockchain accelerates the operation with the assets. All participants have the same data parameters — this reduces to 0% the probability of errors and delays.

2. There is no necessity in intermediaries due to blockchain. Technology performs functions of storage and protection of better and cheaper, allowing to reduce costs and fees.

3.Reliability and transparency of technologies gives opportunity to involve more investments.

Today, ERTC and many international banks are taking steps to introduce digital assets into our everyday lives.

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