The head of Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, Brian Armstrong believes that the adoption of cryptocurrencies in everyday life depends on volatility, scalability and usability.

The head of Coinbase believes that if the cryptograpes continue to fluctuate sharply, demonstrating high volatility, this will scare away traditional investors. Armstrong is confident that cryptocurrency volatility problems can be solved with the help of steylcoin.

ERTCoin is the most promising representative of stable coins.

Factors determining the stability of ERTCoin:

1. The ERTCoin rate is tied to capitalization, which depends on validation. The more documented land, the higher the rate.

2. Each ERTCoin has its own identification number, tied to and provided with a specific square meter. Accordingly, the rate of ERTCoin always aims at the average cost of land on the planet.

3. ERTCoin emission is limited and finite.

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