ERTC is an electronic financial system using blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence.

The system includes:

· ERTCoin cryptocurrency

· Private blockchain

· Validation platform

· Electronic payment system and Smart Wallet ERTC

Within the framework of platform ERTC , ERTCoin is issued through documentary evidence of ownership of a piece of land (validation).

After verification, the platform produces coin, where each ERTCoin is equal to one square meter.

ERTCoin — crypto-currency in the format of «StableCoin», emission of ERTCoin can be issued by private and legal persons and the state, if they are landowners.

Each coin has its own unique identification number, based on the longitude and latitude of the validated square meter.

Electronic payment system — a payment system built on the blockchain technology.

System capabilities allow you to make transactions with a low or zero commission, issue debit and virtual cards.

ERTC Blockchain meets all the requirements of the ERTC platform and performs all the tasks necessary for it.

This is a modified EOS blockchain technology. A private blockchain, ensures a high rate of transactions, guarantees the safety and confidentiality of information, is responsible for the security of the platform.

Today, the project cooperates with both government agencies and academic institutions:

— Specialized laboratories and employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Kazan Federal University took part in the development of the validation platform and the concept of the project;

— At the moment, discussions are underway on the implementation of the project in the country with the Ministry of Finance of Georgia;

-The Mayor’s Office of Batumi requested to develop a “Smart City” for the city — to introduce digital technologies based on the ERTC project developments in various aspects of the municipality’s life;

— The town hall of Rishon Lezion (Israel) made an official request for the validation of municipal land.


— Declared to validate more than 300 thousand square meters worldwide, belonging to individuals and legal entities;

— Community loyal to the project in 44 countries of the world;

— At the same time, negotiations are underway with state structures of Russia, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Israel, and Estonia.

ERTC Blockchain:

ERTC smart contract:

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