The company Grayscale Investments, conducted a study proving that cryptocurrency can be an effective hedge against global liquidity crises.

The authors of the study emphasize that cryptocurrencies should be viewed as a strategic position in long-term investment portfolios — all due to transparency and global liquidity.

In addition, Grayscale notes significant changes in monetary, fiscal and trade policies around the world, and indicates that it is becoming increasingly difficult for politicians and regulators to manage their economies, suggesting the need to control their own finances.

The report examined five recent macroeconomic shocks — Grexit, Brexit, the devaluation of the Chinese yuan and Trump’s two strokes). In each case, cryptocurrency surpassed other investments as a store of value.

For example:

Voting on the UK referendum on secession from the European Union was accompanied by sales and a decrease in the British pound and the euro. The researchers found that during the first one-day global sale, «cryptocurrency was an asset with the highest return of 7.1%, while the average return on other markets and currencies was 2.1%.»

Full report:

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