Roskomnadzor has published a draft of the order that describes the rules for isolating the Runet “in the event of threats”.In this case, the centralized management regime will begin to operate, which will be implemented by the Department.Traffic will be banned from sending outside Russia.

The Russian segment of the Internet can go offline when the following threats occur:

— threat to integrity — when it is impossible to establish a connection between users;

— the threat of stability — disruption of the network in case of failure of equipment, natural and man-made disasters;

— a threat to the safety of operation — attempts to hack equipment providers or exert a destabilizing external or internal information impact on the network.

As we can see, the description of threats does not affect the cryptocurrency market, but at the same time, the table of contents is rather blurry, which means that no project is immune from the isolation of the Internet.

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