The fact that an electronic voting system is being developed has been reported by Valentin Gorbunov the head of the Moscow’s Election Committee . Moreover, the testing of the system and the blockchain will take place in the elections to the Moscow’ Duma in 2019.

Residents of the pilot areas can not go to the polls, and cast their vote on the metropolitan portal of public services. It does not matter where exactly the voter is: he can vote from any region and even from a foreign country. To do this, it is enough to submit a corresponding application on the portal no earlier than 45 days before election day and no later than three days.

Anatoly Vyborny, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, noted that there are three key issues in distant elections — the secrecy of the vote, information security and the reliability of personal identification.

All these three conditions can provide private blockchain ERTC. To steal a vote will not work, even if the attacker finds out the username and password of the voter.

The whole point is that the changes will not be possible without confirming the rest of the blockchain, as well as without confirming the identity. In addition, if during the voting process violations are recorded, its results can be annulled.

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