We continue to explain how the ERTC platform works, and why, during its development, we make certain technological decisions. We often hear the question — “Can I mine ERTCoin?”. No you can’t. Why? We will tell below.

The ERTC platform team fundamentally refused that the ERTC needed to be mined. One of the reasons: ERTC is a stablecoin with a limited quantity, and, therefore, each coin is already tied to a certain square meter of land. With this approach, mining is not possible.

However, there is another important factor. We are confident that the earth is the most valuable resource that humanity has ever possessed. This means environmental degradation is not part of our plans. If we talk about cryptocurrency mining, there will always be one major loser in this industry — this is ecology. Mining poses a huge threat to the atmosphere — this is the excessive energy consumption and heat that the equipment gives off.

Miners are already a separate “state”. By 2020, it will consume as much electricity as the whole of Denmark with a population of 5.7 million.

Experts from Germany calculated that 7.6 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the air to generate all the energy needed to mine bitcoin. It is as if one car will travel 43 billion kilometers, or 1 million times at the equator.

Another problem can be called overheating equipment. It releases a huge amount of heat into the atmosphere. Some have already applied this property — they heat rooms in winter with the help of mining equipment and special installations for heat distribution. Others simply mercilessly «warm» the already overheated atmosphere.

As you can see, cryptocurrency mining is not a harmless occupation, and in terms of the amount of harm to the Earth it is not inferior to other industries. The ERTC team advocates for the conservation of nature, so ERTC emissions occur during land validation.

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