Today we will present important arguments about why the stablecoin ERTC does not plan to enter cryptocurrency exchanges and remain a fully autonomous financial ecosystem.

First of all, the objective of the ERTC project is not to become another cryptocurrency among many others, but to change the financial system, making it more open and convenient to use for all parties: both individuals and legal entities, and states.

Unfortunately, today’s exchanges are tools for manipulating and earning their owners and those close to them. Exchanges are centralized financial instruments, which refutes the very essence of cryptocurrencies — primarily decentralized money, which happens thanks to the blockchain.

As long as the trade went on specialized resources like the forum or in person, nothing threatened the spirit of decentralization. But with the growth in the number of transactions and the amounts transferred to the cryptocurrency market, someone had to guarantee fair trading, store bitcoins for exchange and make massive transactions with fiat. Trading went to centralized platforms — online exchanges.

The centralized nature of cryptocurrency exchanges has led to disastrous results: resonant hacks, problems with the law, and outright fraud. And this is not only about financial consequences: people lose their desire to work with cryptocurrencies, and the reputation of cryptocurrency exchanges and companies is constantly under attack.

Such unreliable financial instruments can never change the world, unlike a full-cycle electronic payment system, such as ERTC.

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