Each of us is familiar with the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies — someone was mining, someone is earning on a change of course, sellers and a buyer, someone is investing their money and now sits on Corvalola, In all cases when no one uses cryptocurrencies to store all their savings. It is all about high volatility and their extreme instability — it is impossible to accurately predict the course, which can change the order in a short time.

At the same time, cryptocurrencies have all the advantages compared to financial money — additional security, low transaction fees, transfer speed, transparency, reliability and independence from external financial institutions. All this is done in accordance with the format of financial relations, which continues to develop dynamically.

Solutions to problems related to the voluntariness and reliability of the contribution to steel — and cryptocurrencies with a stable exchange rate.

Which resource is the most stable? The most sought after and reliable. Which resource is the patron of all existing resources? The situation and other factors affect the dependence on cataclysms. — This is the land.

The Genesis 2.0 group of companies has developed the ERTC platform, which includes:

ERTCoin — stablecoin, confirmed by legal ownership of land

Private ERTC blockchain in which any device can be a mobile node

SmartWallet — an electronic wallet on which ERTCoin and other currencies are stored, all transactions and purchases / sales are also carried out

ERTCoin with legal confirmation of ownership

The electronic payment system, which provides mobile communications, provides new opportunities and opportunities for paying for goods and services, converting, saving funds and transactions from anywhere in the world.

The issue takes place on the ERTC platform thanks to the Validation process — the procedural verification of land ownership must be confirmed.

Validation takes place in four stages:

The user uploads a pool of documents confirming his ownership.

The legal service and AI verify the authenticity of documents and request data in specialized services.

ERTCoin according to the number of square meters of land

The user receives half of the issued ERTC in their electronic wallet

Conference participants from 13 countries have already registered more than a million ERTC platforms.

Today, the ERTC team completed the first two stages and has already begun to conclude the third stage — the development of a full-cycle electronic payment system for individuals and legal entities. lack of.

The possibilities of EPS are not limited when purchasing goods, services, geography of participants, jurisdiction and economy, are not determined by geopolitical factors and are dependent on the right field and legal requirements.

A personal online bank, a private block bank with a unique technological mobile network, all these requirements make it possible to confidently assume that the electronic payment system ERTC is a promising medium-term financial one.

The ERTC project represents full-fledged opportunities for interaction with other states — “money”, in which virtually any individuals and legal entities are used — using an electronic payment system. cost of commission, convenient and affordable.

ERTC erases the geographical boundary and makes financial interaction of any level safe and comfortable.

You can find out on our resources:

GitHub ERTC Project: github.com/Ertconline

Website: ertc.online

Validation Platform: ertc.land

Telegram channel: t.me/ErtcSystem

Mail for questions: support@ertc.online

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