To date, the project team is in the final stages of developing an electronic payment system ERTC.

Today we will tell about further plans and stages of the project development:

Establishment of a joint stock company ERTC and the start of share sales
Formation of an online ERTC bank
Launching beta version of ERTC EPS for testing
Signing agreements with financial regulators in Europe, the USA and Asia
The public start of the ERTS EPS, which will allow you to conduct transactions, pay for goods and services
Signing agreements with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and other industry representatives
Connecting the ERTC EPS API to payment services and trading platforms, such as Amazon, e-Bay, Ali Express and others.
In general, the launch of the ERTC Electronic Payment System, based on a private blockchain and stablecoin, can not only change the balance of power in the cryptocurrency market and weaken the position of exchanges, but also change the financial system in the world.

The fact is that a payment system with such parameters has no competitors today. Open opportunities for transactions around the world with low / zero fees and its own private blockchain — that’s what ERTC EPS.

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