Stable coins are one of the main fixed income tools. This can be quite a lot of time, which may be required at all sites.

Owners of some stablecoins can earn on medium-term and long-term investments without risks. For example, this spring TrustToken, which released the stablecoin TrueUSD, announced that now TUSD holders can receive up to 8% of their profits independently.

Digital coins have long been trying to become an independent payment method. High volatility, like ERTC.

What are more interesting stablecoins for investors?

In economics there is such a thing as seigniorage. This is the income received from the release of money. So that you can recognize the difference between the cost of manufacturing banknotes and their face value. If the production of a ten-dollar bill requires 98 cents, then on the graduation of such a banknote will be 9 and 2 cents.

In the modern world, banks accumulate a large amount of money through lending to legal entities and individuals. They receive income as financial intermediaries, and partly as creators of money. This allows commercial banks to lend in excess of their deposits. A commercial bank indicates that part of the interest earned on banknotes is less the interest paid on deposits in accounts.

Stablecoins issuers function seriously as money makers, and their income depends on the mechanism of issue and growth of the network. Therefore, when investors support the project, it becomes the most important way to evaluate.

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