Today, fiat money is not backed up by anything other than public consent to accept it as an exchange for goods and services. Back in the 20th century, states refused to support money with gold reserves.

Therefore, when the US contingent financial reserve system issues a large volume of monetary units to maintain the banking system, no one solves the global problem of monetary relations, but only postpones another financial crisis.

Today, any exchange is a tool for speculation and profit.

The answer to all this problem was to be the free world of cryptocurrencies, which also came to benefit for dealers and speculators.

The Genesis 2.0 team has decided to create its stablecoin, which will not only unite the positive aspects from the world of fiat and cryptocurrencies, but also will not be subject to political, territorial and other restrictions.

Thanks to a private blockchain, the work of artificial intelligence and a unique transaction format, ERTCoin can become a universal currency that everyone can use, regardless of social status and territory.

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